Turning 360 Images into Narrated Stories


Want to learn how you and your students can put together their own virtual tour?  With a few 360 images and a couple of apps, your students will be well on their way to getting their voice heard in an amazingly creative and interactive way! Students can be telling their story of a field trip, historical landmarks, or a journey along the Oregon Trail, just to name a few.  Or maybe, they are putting together a virtual field trip about their school?  The VR world is open to them, but how do they go about doing it? 

  • Choose the 360 images.  You can find a great selection on Flickr.  Better yet, borrow one of our cameras and have students take their own.
  • Create audio recordings of what your students would like to say about these images.  Vocaroo is the quickest and easiest way to get these mp3 files via Chromebook.
  • Tell your story the VR way!  Storyspheres is a great tool for this.  It allows you to connect one 360 image to another, as if you are entering a new room or area, along with the ability to add audio files and position them within a scene.  It truly enhances the 360 images, turning them into interactive experiences, and it is super easy to use!

    Here is a video below that shares how you can get started with Storyspheres and Vocaroo.  What an awesome way for students to voice their understanding and knowledge in a unique way!