Sharing Permissions in Google Drive

Getting Started

If you haven’t had a lot of practice sharing documents with colleagues or students from your drive, here is a quick video on how to do just that.  From allowing someone to view only versus allowing editing rights of a document, the ability to do so within any file you’ve created in Google Drive will allow your team to be more efficient when creating similar activities for students.  Watch this video below, to begin utilizing Google Drive’s feature of sharing permissions.  Please contact Mike Nye or Vickie Perryman if you have any further questions.

How to Share Permissions in Google Drive

How to Make a Forced Copy

This video will walk you through on how to make a “copy only” link for your teacher templates. Make sure to change your sharing permissions. Check out the next video for that quick tutorial.

Avoid "Request Access" Emails!

This video will help you avoid getting those “request access” emails from students and parents.