Getting Started

Kaizena is a powerful tool that provides constructive feedback for student docs.  It integrates seamlessly with Google Drive, allows for voice comments, ready to go lessons to explain concepts, and allows for quick communication of strengths and weaknesses. Watch the introduction video below,  to assist you with getting started, then, continue with their fabulous step by steps tutorials to get the most out of this dynamic tool.  And, as always, contact Mike Nye or Vickie Perryman if you have any further questions.

First Time Setup on Kaizena Web App

Set up this extraordinary feedback tool by following their 6 step tutorials, that will lead you to providing the information your students need, in no time!

Kaizena Add-on for Google Docs

Check this quick 2 minute-video that shows what Kaizena’s Google Doc add-on has to offer.  then continue with other tutorials that give you all the answers you need to maximize this awesome feedback tool.