Getting Started

Kami is an excellent option for PDF annotation for teachers and students, and so much more!!  We have also pushed out the app for all students, too (no need to go to the Chrome Webstore).  During the Covid-19 crisis, we are able to use the premium version, as well.  Teachers and students can add voice recordings, screencasts,  besides adding text and images to a pdf.  Check out the variety of features that will make PDF annotation a true interactive document.  Please contact Mike Nye or Vickie Perryman if you have any further questions.

Home Learning with Kami

Check out this quick video to see how students can easily add the Kami app and use it on a PDF assignment posted in Google Classroom.

Kami Video Tutorial Links

For more specific tutorials, on a variety of Kami questions, check out this list!

Using Kami for Remote Learning

Check out how one teacher utilizes the variety of tools available to optimize the PDF that is ready for student’s to interact with and turn in through Google Classroom.

Example of using Kami Integrating Google Classroom

Check out how one of our own RSD teachers is using kami (integrating  Google Classroom) with her 3rd graders.