Getting Started

Kami is an excellent option for PDF annotation for teachers and students, and so much more!!  We have also pushed out the app for all students, too (no need to go to the Chrome Webstore).  Teachers and students can add voice recordings, screencasts,  besides adding text and images to a pdf.  Check out the variety of features that will make PDF annotation a true interactive document.  Kami has a great YouTube channel that is always being updated.  Check it out and contact Mike Nye or Vickie Perryman if you have any further questions.

Getting Started with Kami

Check out this quick video to see how to create an account with Kami. 

Kami/Canvas Integration

 Kami is already integrated with Canvas, so why not try utilizing it’s amazing tools?  Check out this video to get you started.

Kami/Google Classroom Integration

See how using Kami while creating assignments in Google Classroom, is a cinch! Elementary teachers can create and share it easily, and students can utilize the amazing features of Kami before they submit!