Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and some fun…

…was the story as students and parents rotated through 3 different STEM related activities, Wednesday.  Students learned about autonomous cars and used SAM Labs to code and create a car that would be controlled by a light sensor.  At another station, students learned how to code a microbit (mini computer).  They figured out how to communicate with another student’s microbit in the room, as well as program it to roll the dice in a build a snowman game.  Lastly, in another station, students were presented with City X and the problems the people of City X were trying to solve for their community.  Each group of students helped a different client solve their problem by designing a prototype that would meet their needs.

This STEM day is a great example of how students and parents get an opportunity to work together to create, debug, tinker, and persevere in activities that replicate the real world.

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