As some of you might know, in preparation for our elementary summer camps in August 2021, Federal funding was available to support all efforts into making them memorable ones for all students attending. With STEAM as the overarching theme for the elementary camps, the choice to purchase Sam Labs STEAM kits along with it’s curriculum, was a no brainer. With such robust and easy to implement activities, along with plenty of kits, elementary teachers and students had a blast learning how to code in a “flow based” environment, and create in a fun and exciting, hands-on way.

 For those not familiar with Sam Labs STEAM Kits, they are physical blocks of inputs and outputs connected via bluetooth to the web based digital workspace of Sam Studio. The Sam Space option in Sam Studio, allows students to code in a “flow based” virtual environment as well as create a system physically by connecting corresponding blocks. Students create simulations, games, experiments, and working prototypes all while learning the language and basics of coding.

 Now for the best news of all! These STEAM kits are now in the hands of every Elementary Computer Lab in RSD. The same kits used in summer camp are now equally spread out to each elementary school with the plan of having ALL elementary students experience and learn how to code with this interactive, creative, and engaging tool. Here are some pics of the latest and greatest activities students are doing right now. Check out what your kids are doing with Sam Labs in Computer Lab today! Better yet, bring it into your own classroom with the ready made slides and step by step guides for every grade level K-5 (Did I forget to mention that they tie in quite nicely to our current ELA, Math, CS, and Science standards, too?)

As always, for more information, contact Mike Nye or Vickie Perryman