On October 8, 2021, Teacher Inservice Day, 27 RSD teachers participated in our second annual Tech Fest! This was a day full of learning new ways of integrating technology, trying new tech tools, and collaborating with other teachers to bring excitement and eagerness to the 2021-22 classroom. Most teachers that attended were part of our Open Doors to Tech and Open Doors to Computer Science cohorts, but a few others joined in, as well, to take part in an extraordinary day. Those that attended ranged from K-12 grade, with a variety of hour and 15 minute sessions that fit everyone’s content and grade level. Facilitators of each session included our very own RSD teachers, as well as Mike Nye, Vickie Perryman, and Sam Labs Education Specialist, Emily Deffenbaugh. Oh, and did I mention there was food and prizes? What a fun and memorable day! Thanks to all who participated!