Computer Science, often referred to as CS, is one of the fastest growing career paths that spans every industry and is loaded with exciting and lucrative job opportunities. Computer Science is almost becoming an educational buzzword. We know it is important to teach and provide students opportunities to explore it, but can we really define CS and why it is so important for all students to experience it? 
We will explore these questions and many others in our Open Doors to CS4ALL group next year as we aim to demystify CS. As a group we will dig in to understand what we mean when we say CS, explore the almost endless resources at our disposal, and imagine what CS education looks like in your classroom. 
Open Doors to CS4ALL consists of 2 summer days, 9 monthly meetings and RSD Techfest. For participating, you can choose to earn 4 grad credits through OSU Cascades ($50/credit + $35 registration) or 4 in-district credits.
We spend our summer days coming together as a team, opening our minds to possibilities, learning from industry experts and honestly getting excited for the learning journey. 
– August 25th and 26th.
During the monthly meetings we will examine the diverse and engaging world of computer science and how we can start to incorporate it into all students’ learning.
– 9/20, 10/18, 11/8, 12/6, 1/24, 2/28, 3/14, 4/18, 5/16, 6/6
TechFest is our own conference for Open Doors members, put on by Open Doors members. We will have amazinginess amongst our group and we will get them to share their magic with us. Yummy food and sweet door prizes, it is a blast. 
– October 8th.
Still have questions? Don’t be shy, ask Mike Nye or Vickie Perryman for more details.