With In-Person Learning back in action, our this spring shifted to expanding and developing our computer science programs K-12.  This has been a need for a while, but when training and funding through the Central Oregon STEM Hub and ODE became available, we jumped at the opportunity (along with 12 other RSD teachers), to develop our vision district wide.  With all grade level hands on deck, in a matter of 4 months, our team was able to accomplish the following this year:

  • Identified and purchased a complete K-5 comprehensive CS curriculum for Computer Lab Aides (training to come!)
  • Planned and developed changes to Technology classes at the middle school level, so all students see it as an optimal elective offering.
  • Organized and presented a Computer Science Panel to all 8th graders prior to forecasting, so as to share other perspectives of CS experiences in school and jobs, and to emphasize the importance of learning computer science for all future career paths.
  • Offered half a credit of CS as part of CTE pathway at the high schools.
  • Continued to build and bolster the CTE/CS pathways to all high school students by offering more elective options in CS during forecasting for next year.
  • Established a Girls Who Code Club at RVHS (Josh Davis) during lunch with at least 10 members
  • Professional Development for high school teachers Rob Spear, Hannah Osborn, and Josh Davis, to continue allowing next level options for students choosing CS electives next year.
  • Added an Open Doors to CS for All graduate credit opportunity for all teachers for the 2021-22 school year, as well as continuing to offer an Open Doors to Tech Cohort.

We are definitely on the right track in our pursuit as a district for CS for All.  Thanks to the CS team (Cory O’Neill, Josh Davis, Rob Spear, Jason Chatterton, Jennifer Moore, Steve Randall, Tim Garland, Emily Holdsworth, Natalie Richards, Anna Rhodes, and Bryan Bahnes) and our Superintendent, Dr. Charan Cline, for supporting each other in the work we did this spring to start making CS for All a priority for our District.  Our goals for the next few years in computer science continue to strive for equity and social justice, citizenship and civic engagement, and personal agency, joy, and fulfillment in the Computer Sciences grades K-12.