STEM Days and tech tool integration in the spring brought elementary and middle school students learning how to code, re-imagine, design, empathize, innovate, collaborate, create, and re-iterate, without just staring at a screen. These hands on, project-based activities were key to students deepening their understanding of the skills necessary as they continue to live in a computer science and technology based society. Activities included students programming Spheros, Drones, Microbits, Sam Lab Sensors, Motors, and Lights (to name a few) to create familiar items they use everyday, as well as new, innovative designs to broaden their ideas and iterations. Here are some pics that really give a sense of the experiences students had this year. Thanks to all the teachers that invited me into their classrooms to share these engaging and fun activities with their students.


Math Stories, Mouse Party, Animal Mimicry, Sphero Communication, Dancing Polygons…the list goes on!


Weather Proof Houses and Water Balloon Carriers!  Don’t get wet!

Sam Labs

Smart light systems, traffic signals, Mars Rover missions, and cyber security alert simulations


Flashing hearts, micro-chats, fitbits, and rock-paper-scissors, to name a few!


Our newest programmable tech tool to add to our fleet!