With students back in the classroom, the time is now to re-engage student learning with interactive and fun problem solving activities that still foster collaboration, but keeps students at a safe distance.  Enter, Sphero!  As students learn how to block code, Sphero can move all about the room without students leaving their space.  In a most recent activity, 5th graders at Tom McCall programmed the Sphero Bolt to communicate with another Sphero Bolt in the room, using Sphero’s IR capability.  They were sending friendly messages, learning to code, problem solving, and still keeping 6 feet of distance between each other.  The great thing about Spheros is that they are easy to clean.  Just wipe them down with disinfectant, and students are good to go for the next day.  This was a two day activity (1 hour each), as student used the first day to get to know their Sphero.  Super fun activity!  Thanks to Mrs. Cobb and Mrs. Alexander for starting the ball rolling with getting STEM back into the classroom (Sphero Ball, that is)!  For more on this activity, check it out, here!