Though more students are back in the classroom, it is far from normal, especially when it comes to using materials and collaborating with classmates on STEM based activities.  But, fear not, as there are always ways to bring exciting, engaging, and fun lessons with our RSD Tech Tools that get kids problem solving and working together in a COVID friendly space.  Here’s how:

1. Is it safe?  ODE Ready Schools Safe/learners guidelines state that for any materials used, avoid sharing of community supplies when possible and disinfect material after use.  What does that mean?  If you your students don’t have their own scissors, glue, rulers, etc…let us know, and we will provide enough for students, collect, and disinfect them, for the next day’s use.  Students might be creating on their own, but collaboration and sharing ideas between students will continue to take place (at a safe distance, of course).

2.  What Tech Tools are available?  Spheros, Sam Labs, Makey Makey’s and Microbits are available to borrow now!!  Check out our tech tool page for quantity as students cannot share the tools.  Disinfecting of tools are required after each use by spraying on a cloth and wiping the item down.  As long as we DON’T spray the tool directly, they will be ready and safe to use the next day.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, check out the Central Oregon STEM Hub Lending Library.  It is crazy full of STEM related items that can be borrowed, as well.

3.  How can a STEM Lesson be COVID friendly?  Have an idea or would like to do a STEM activity that was done pre-COVID?  No worries!  It might not be exactly the same, but we can certainly make it just as engaging, while meeting the same objectives.  Check out this Sphero Activity that 5th graders did recently.  By staying in their space and letting Sphero do the moving, students were still able to collaborate with a partner, learn to code, and have a great time doing it!

4.  How do I request a tool or schedule a STEM activity?  Contact Vickie.perryman@redmondschools.org.  Mike and I will help you set up whatever you need to get STEM back into your classroom!