A FREE toolkit to design your own classroom Make-a-thon!

What do you mean, Make-A-Thon?  A “Make-A-Thon” is used to describe a project based activity in which groups of students work collaboratively and creatively to help solve a problem, with the use of technology in a somewhat short period of time.  Mike and I attended a Make-A-Thon 3 years ago, where adults and middle school students were introduced to a new technology that was going to be the tool used to help in the designing of an innovative solution to a realistic problem.  Each group consisted of 2 middle school students and 2 adults from the community.  The amount of time to learn the tool was limited, as well as the time to design the prototype to solve the problem.  And though, it was challenging to all, I will tell you that I will never forget the experience.  Since then, Mike and I have been hooked on bringing this type of activity to all age groups.

Sometimes we use tech tools as the basis of the design, but there are always recycled materials and crafty items involved to help in making the form and function of the prototype.  We have done it with 3 hours of class time to as little as 45 minutes.  Ages of students involved in these Make-A-Thons have ranged from 8-15, but could easily be done K-12.

Sound pretty cool?  Well, if you are up for your students to be up for the challege, and have them loving every minute of it, check out the free toolkit here.  Then, re-imagine the design of City X in your own classroom.  How might it fit with your age group, the amount of time you have, and most importantly, the challenges or problems you would like them to tackle at solving.

To get you inspired, here are a couple of posts I have shared previously, that have incorporated the idea of City X type Make-A-Thons.

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Would you like to know more about City X type projects?  Contact Mike Nye or Vickie Perryman today!