First Graders coding? You bet!  After Sage Elementary first grade teacher, Lisa Clark, was inspired by Joel Bleakney’s (RELC Teacher and Tech Leader),  Bee Bot Session at TechFest in October, she decided to get her students excited about learning concepts for reading and math with the use of Blue Bots.

A step up from Bee Bots, Blue Bots are colorful, yet simple robots that help teach students about logic and sequential thinking while practicing reading and math skills.  With the help of PTO funds, the First Grade Team purchased 6 Blue Bots and students have been raving about their experiences with them, ever since.

Lisa’s First grade students absolutely love them!  They are learning to determine which direction the Blue Bot should travel and how many spaces in each direction to get to the desired destination.  They are taking turns figuring out the code, recording the code with cards, programming the Blue Bot, and debugging the program when it doesn’t work. The students are working cooperatively to determine which parts of the program worked and which parts need de-bugging.  They are also practicing math and reading concepts while having a great time.

So, First Graders coding?  You bet!  Thanks, Lisa, for sharing your story!