Fitbits are fun!  They track your movement and celebrate your victories throughout the day, to help you reach your fitness goals.  But, what if you created your own?  That is exactly what Elton Gregory Middle School 7th graders got a chance to do…and in PE class!

Jessica Jones saw the potential for students to see how a device like the Fitbit, actually works, create their own “fitness friend”, and use it in PE so that they might have a motivation to try to reach their goals in different activities.  Students were going to use the microbit as their device, and a little bit of coding, to help track their movement as they performed the activity. 

Students first practiced an easy code on the microbit to review how to program this little mini-computer.  Then, students were guided to develop the code that would not only track movement, but could also be used with a partner to count other activities, like basketball shots, push-ups, or sit-ups.  Finally, students programmed it to celebrate with a fun image when a specific goal or number was reached.

Though not all students reached the point of programming a celebritory smiley face, most students were able to strap their Fitness Friend on and test out their programming ability.  Students began asking questions that could further their Fitness Friend development, as they tried different activities to see which ones worked the best in tracking their movement and counting their reps.

Super fun activity, relevant to kids, and integrating technology in a way that promotes movement!  Gotta love it!

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