Yes, you! The creative mind within that teacher brain of yours is always devising the best way to bring more life to lessons.  Technology seems to be a great go-to of sorts, to put the spark into students learning.  But where do you get stuck?  Is it the time or understanding to see how certain tools fit in, or both?  What about Microbits? Spheros? Makey Makeys? Coding?

If you are ready to infuse technology into your curriculum but not quite sure the best way to go about it,  or would just like to get a few suggestions to kickstart your creative brain into integrating technology in some lack luster lessons, look no further!  Just shoot your idea to Mike Nye or Vickie Perryman.  We will supply you with resources as well as next steps to get your tech infused idea up and off the ground!  Some teachers are well aware that our technology instructional team is here to support you with as much assistance as you would like in order to  help bring student knowledge construction up a notch with the use of technology.   A recent example included bringing Spheros into John Tuck’s second grade classrooms to learn about forces.  Another example brought SAM Labs into Elton Gregory’s 8th grade science classrooms to reinforce waves and light.

SAM Labs and Science disco ball

But, it doesn’t stop there.  Have something you would like to share with other RSD teachers so they can kickstart their lessons that otherwise might leave students with a vague memory of the experience?  Pass on a picture or two to us, along with a short description of how infusing technology into your curriculum made a positive difference in how your students learned.  Better yet, add to our technology infused activity database that is ever growing. We appreciate all sharing for the good of all Educators!  Thank you, ahead of time!  RSD Rocks!!