Ever wonder how voice or face recognition work?  What about the new sentiment analysis tools that suggest emojis based on the message about to be sent?   These, as well as other fascinating features that are popping up as we utilize our technology is all about machine learning.  Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence based on the idea that computers can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.  Pretty cool, huh?!  Even cooler is when students try this out with some simple coding, they will be amazed at how the right algorithms will help machines become “smarter”.

Would you like your students to try out a little machine learning?  Check out this resource from Machine Learning for Kids.  It offers projects with ready to go downloadable worksheets that student can follow.  While using Scratch or Python as the platform, students can try their coding skills out to:

  1. Create a smart assistant that lets you control virtual devices.
  2. Create a character that smiles if you say nice things to it and cries if you say mean things to it.
  3. Make a phone that unlocks if it recognizes your face.
  4. Make a dancing panda that gets shy and stops dancing if it sees you looking.

And so many others!

If you or your students have never dabbled in how the artificial intelligence of machine learning works, give it a try today!