Why learn about computer science?  Why get your hands and brain into coding?  To convince a high school student that computer science education is the key to opening doors in careers across the board, might seem difficult, but not with SAM Labs and a little conversation with Mike Nye and Vickie Perryman. 

November 15th, the HDESD STEM Hub hosted their 3rd Annual Career and Trades Fair, put on at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds.  Our instructional technology department, graciously accepted the invitation to share our knowledge and experience with high schoolers from across Central Oregon, relating to not only the importance of computer science education and the high potential for job opportunities within that expertise, but also how easy it really is to design, create and innovate through programming.

Students that stopped by our booth were able to see how the simplest of programming has created the most popular devices that have helped revolutionize transportation, wearable technology, and security systems (to name a few).  Students were able to get hands on with SAM Labs technology to experience programming in its simplest form, and create current SMART technology like The Ring, The Fitbit, and automated headlights.  We also shared with them the importance of taking more computer science classes (let alone pursuing a CS degree) in order to better prepare themselves in any career they choose.

Over 700 students from our area had the opportunity to have conversations with industry vendors/representatives that filled up the Middle and South Sister buildings at the fairgrounds.  They were able to ask questions about their future interests and careers in many different fields as well as get  inspiration for other job opportunities in the trades.  what an awesome event to say the least!

Any questions about the day?  Please contact Tracy Willson-Scott at the Central Oregon STEM Hub or Mike Nye or Vickie Perryman at the Redmond School District.

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