“One of the most important race tracks in North America, originally built in 1894, goes by what nickname in the horse racing industry?”  This happens to be an example of A Google a Day‘s question, to test your ability to search in the most efficient manner to find the answer in a short amount of time.  How would your students search for this question online? Do our students search effectively enough?  

As students construct knowledge to develop their understanding and pursue answers to questions and real-world problems, they need to develop more effective ways of finding that information online.  When “Just Google it,” isn’t enough, here are a few tools to help your students perform better searches.


Advanced Google Search

Using tips like, putting keywords into quotes and using more relevant words as part of the search are helpful, but using the advanced option in google search will pair your students’ results down even further.  Check out this video to get a better idea of all the options google has to narrow down the Google search.


A Hyperdoc uses links within the doc to guide students in their exploration and development of ideas to create, collaborate, think critically, and connect.  Specific websites and videos are linked as part of the organization of how students will work through the material.  check it out!

Kid Friendly Current Events

Looking for already curated news articles filtered by age and content, just for kids?  Check out one of these sites for students to search for their own content with ease. I used the tool, Wakelet to curate the links.  See which one might work best for your students.

For some quick tips, check out the list of 50 mini-lessons for teaching students research skills.  And don’t forget the power of Google Classroom to assist students in searching that is effective, timely, and with purpose! Happy searching!