With Cybersecurity Month and Digital Citizenship Week in October, not only are we urgently trying to get our own personal information secure, but we are also feeling the dire need to educate our students about how to be safe on the internet, as well as the best practices of being a good digital citizen.  

There are a lot of resources out there that are age appropriate and full of great advice on how to be safe, secure, responsible, and respectful on the internet.  Here are a few that we felt had the most bang for your buck, in terms of well developed lessons for all greade levels, A LOT of material to choose from, a variety of learning methods, and just down right good stuff!

Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship

Be Internet Awesome


Take a peek!  I promise you will find something relevant and easy to share with your students as they manuever their way online in your classroom.  Whether it be using google classroom, collaborating and communicating with other students online, giving feedback to other students online, researching, finding a game that practices their skills, or anything else that connects to the internet in your classroom, your students will reap the benefits of learning the best practices of being a good digital citizen.