Well, not really, but this is such a cool site!  Found and shared by 5th grade teacher, Natalie Richards, this gem has every quick little management (and engagement) tool right in one place!  

Check out the tool list below and try to find at least 3 that you or your students might find useful over the course of a day.  If that was easy, then this tool is for you!

  • Random Name generator
  • Sound Level Monitor/evaluator
  • qr-code generator and display
  • Drawing – large and small whiteboard space
  • Text box – With all the simple features of a doc posted on your screen
  • Work symbols – (image to post for silence, whisper, ask a neighbor, work together)
  • Traffic light (red, yellow, greeen – symbolic for what ever your needs…)
  • Timer – with choice of sound to signal when time ends
  • Clock/Calendar Display

Try customizing your classroom screen today.  It might save you a little time and keep your class moving through those transitions a little faster!