These 5th graders at McCall are quite familiar with how to program Spheros, but this week, they were introduced to the new Sphero Bolt and its new features to continue to help them demonstrate their learning.  New Spheros, you say?  You bet!  With a built-in compass, light sensor, and an infrared sensor, you can program Sphero to change course based on magnetic North, light up like a nightlight when the sun goes down, and communicate with other Spheros.  Oh ya, and did I mention the LED matrix?!  Students can create animations, shapes, and scroll messages across the screen, as well.  Along with all the other cool features of Sphero, the Bolt makes the perfect Robot for students to incorporate creatively a demonstration of their understanding of content, and have fun!!

The best news is that we have 2 sets of 15 that are available for borrowing!  Just contact Vickie Perryman to request a set and you and your students will be ready to roll (no pun intended).  Would like me to come in to introduce Sphero Bolt?  I’ve got you covered there, too. Contact me today to schedule a day or two!

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