July 22-26, Redmond School District hosted a STEM Minecrafter Camp at Lynch Elementary.  Thirty students from grades 3rd through 6th participated in the day camp put on by Woven Learning.  This awesome camp infused science, technology, engineering, and math into every activity as students learned the ins and outs of the video game, Minecraft.  Little did I know the impact this camp was going to have on these kids that attended.  Literally, every day, as kids were dropped off by parents, kids had smiles on their faces as they hurried to the area of the building holding the camp.  Parents told endless stories to us each day about how their child could not stop talking about it, how they said they wished the camp would go on all summer long, and that they didn’t want it to end!

Besides learning the difference between creative mode and survival mode of Minecraft (among many other things), students were given a lesson on chemical reactions as they made slime, learned about the physics of flight, as they created airfoils that would stay aloft in a wind tunnel, and more science and engineering in building a roller coaster and a crane. Lastly, they actually built their own computer!  All activities, including the playing of Minecraft, included the core values of working together and communicating effectively and positively with others.

What an amazing week to say the least!  I can’t say enough about the quality of learning and fun in this camp!  I know these pictures don’t say it all, but if you get a chance to talk to some of the kids that attended this year, you will realize their memories of it will last a lifetime. You can also, check out The Bulletin’s article, too!

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