Looking for more Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math related tools and activities to excite and engage your students? Central Oregon STEM HUB Library is an awesome resource that gives you just that.  This is a local (Redmond, Or) resource for K-12 classrooms.  These materials are just a form away and include a variety of material that includes many hands-on activities as well as intriguing units/books that can bring STEM alive in your classroom.  How do you access this great resource?

  1. Go to Central Oregon STEM Hub’s Lending Library
  2. Click on “click this link to fill out the form” to complete the Google Form
  3. In 24 hours you will receive membership access.

Now you have access to borrow all of the Central Oregon STEM Hub’s awesome resources, including Computer Science Activities, 3D printers, trail cameras, iPads, DoodleBots, and SO MUCH MORE!

It is well worth the few minutes to gain access.  Some of these tools might be the perfect end of the year activity your students (and you) have been waiting for.  Check it out!