Looking to have a class set of Spheros for the oh so cool and engaging projects you would like to (or continue to) do next year?  Tired of borrowing from us?  Did you know that 10 of our crazy busy teachers applied for some SIMPLE grants for technology tools in their classroom, and they got them!!  This article is to give those teachers a high five for putting a few extra minutes, dialing in on how they could move their needle a little more to integrate technology more effectively with some engaging tools, like Spheros and SAM Labs, and getting them for their classroom, for FREE!

Congratulations to the 3rd Grade Sage Team for not only completing a couple of SELCO grants at the beginning of the year, so that all their kiddos could learn how to block code wireless sensors to create prototypes that help solve problems.  That was a $2000 win for their kids!  Upon receiving them, their kids have had a couple of STEM days, to explore and learn the ins and outs of how to code and create.  Great job, Gina, Jeanne, Tamara, and Kesley!  The momentum has begun!

Another congrats goes out to Bryan Bahns, as he also won a SELCO grant worth $1000 in which he purchased SAM Labs, as well, for his kids.  Besides, learning a new tool to bring coding to life, students have begun to integrate the use of SAM Labs into their “Hour of Wonder”.  Similar to Genius Hour, students get to study and learn about whatever they like and integrate technology to show what they have learned.  With a new tool in their tool belt, students are super excited to share their knowledge with the class.

Do you remember when Mike and I put a “few” emails out to you all about applying to win a free pack of Spheros?  Well, some of you did, and many of you came out with your own class set of 15 of the newest Sphero, the Bolt.  This is a $2550 value! Now these classrooms, and if you ask nicely, maybe you, have the ability for students to integrate Sphero as a “show what you know” tool or as a “powerhouse” tool.  The love to learn how to code these round robots is growing for all ages!  So, congratulations Heidi Turpin, Rosemary Tyson, Jeanne Sitter, Kesley Nystul, Caryn Duryee, and Dan Guilfoy.  A few minutes really did go a long way!

Of course, we still have Spheros and SAM Labs you can borrow anytime.  Just keep in mind how you might be able to snag those tech tools next year to spark your students’ creativity and empower their learning.