Students looking for a creative way to leverage their learning?  Book Creator is a great way for students to tell their story, as they show their learning through text, images, audio, and video easily.  This is a great tool for elementary through high school, designed to give students a simple yet unique platform to show what they know.  2nd graders were paired up with 5th graders at Lynch Elementary earlier this year to learn about the tool and how easy it is to manipulate.  Now, both groups of students are using it as an optional vehicle to show their understanding of a variety of topics.  Book Creator has been used for:

    • Digital portfolios
    • Interactive stories
    • Research journals
    • Poetry books
    • Science reports
    • Instruction manuals
    • ‘About me’ books
    • Comic adventures

Upside:  It’s free!  What’s also cool is that with a teacher account, you can observe and access student work through the website, as long as students use the code made from Book Creator to access your library. No special kid account necessary.  Check out this quick video to help you and your students get started.

Downside:  With a free account, you only have one library which lets you keep only 40 books at a time.  So, if you’re looking at using it with a class of 30, more than once, when a book is finished, download as an ebook to view with ePub Reader or print it as a pdf.  Then, delete the book from Book Creator so students can continue creating!

For more information on how to use this tool, please let me know!

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