The empowered learner develops a strong and confident mindset as they use technology to reach their learning goals.  At Redmond High School’s CTE program, students are developing this mindset as they learn how to use technology-based industry-standard tools and strategies to solve problems that will undoubtedly be the backbone for future career decisions.  I was fortunate to get a chance to talk to a few students, as well as their teachers, on what they were currently working on.  These classes ranged from the design and business development side of the spectrum to automotive, manufacturing and engineering, and agricultural practices that also require a business model to be successful.  Combining these classes, make a pretty solid basis for a future-ready student!  It’s pretty exciting to see and hear these students talk about their projects they are currently working on, how they got started with having an interest in the CTE program, and where they might go from here.  A recent bike project was featured on KTVZ’s segment, “One Class at a Time”  where Dan Kernion’s manufacturing and engineering class were awarded $500 for making a unique bike for a need in the community.  Other projects include rebuilding transmissions and engines, designing a hydroponic system, and building and developing a business for a school snack shack, to name a few.  This is what CTE looks like at Redmond High! Integrating science, math, engineering and technology with real-world applications allows these kids to learn with relevance as they find their passions and perfect their skills for the workplace. These kids are amazing! 

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