Is this awesome, or what?  During Genius Hour, a class full of 6-8th-grade girls voluntarily signed up to be a part of a Girls Who Code club!  But, it’s not just about learning how to code!  It’s about solving problems in their community, empowering their friends, and defining the future of our World.  I was highly impressed, as students in Rosemary Tyson’s class described their excitement for learning how to code that is relatable to their interests as well as using their understanding to help others.  Some of these students never had any computer science classes or coding experience before this, while others brought their excitement to the table from their elementary school experiences with coding. While some were motivated by family members that had technology and computer-related jobs and/or interests, others just liked the idea of doing something for their community.  Want to start your own club?  Check out their website to learn more.  Curriculum and scaffolding for what might be right for you and your kids are provided.  What a great way to help close the gender gap of women in computer science!