Want to learn about hurricanes, tornadoes, or blizzards?  Well, look no further!  With the help of storyboarding, makerspace creation, and Adobe Spark, second graders at Vern Patrick Elementary, produced videos to share their knowledge about some extreme storms. After doing some research in class about these wild weather patterns, students took those facts and made drawings and 3D representations of what they might look like, the destruction they might cause, and how we can stay safe during one.  The final product of these collaborative projects proved their effectiveness!  During the process, they practiced good communication skills, collaboration, and creativity, as they used a variety of material, learned how to take pictures, take video and audio with the chromebook, as well as organize all of this into an informational masterpiece.  They were able to share their expertise with others, learn from the other experts in the room, and also get effective feedback from their peers during the process.  What a great project!  Watch out Bob Shaw!

storyboard tornadomaking video weather making video weather 2