How do you teach 1st graders coding?  You let 3rd and 4th graders teach them!  Since the beginning of the year,  Mr. Bains and Mrs. Cristiano’s classes at Vern Patrick have been giving coding lessons to 1st graders.  Earlier in the year, the older students learned how to program Sphero Robots during their computer class.  From that, they have been teaching first graders the ins and outs of making Sphero move, change direction and speed, change color, talk, and make sounds!  Each 1st grader gets one-on-one attention as they actively learn the ropes of programming.  Since October, they have created programs that have made a domino effect of Spheros moving across the classroom floor, as well as talking to another Sphero about what they’re thankful for, their hopes and dreams for the new year, and how to build a snowman.  Coming up this month is more creative movement and talking of Spheros!  Check it out on our Instagram how kids doing the teaching is one of the greatest ways learn!

sphero buddies 4 sphero buddies2