One of the most interesting ways to teach and learn from others is to broaden our spectrum of learning globally!    But why might students and teachers collaborate globally?  Check it out:

  • having an authentic audience
  • connecting with other cultures
  • getting a different perspective
  • comparing similarities and differences
  • project-based learning around the globe

Looking to connect with others around the World?  With technology being a vital piece to accomplish this, we’ve gathered a few resources to help you get started.   Have something your class has used before?  Let us know so we can share your experience with global collaboration!

  1. FLIPGRID #GridPals and blog and social media sharing – connect with fellow educators and classrooms that use Flipgrid
  2. PenPal Schools – 2 free projects to try it out!
  3. #globalspeedchat – promoting cross-cultural understanding with students
  4. Journey North – tracking migration and seasons around the world and sharing data