So, I was just reminded of this cool opportunity for 4th-8th grade educators to apply for 15 free Spheros!!  It’s a partnership with Techprep.org and Sphero.  Check it out!  The free Spheros(15) will go to underrepresented groups/classes you are trying to teach coding to.
To apply to get a class set of Spheros you have to do the following:
1. Sign up as a teacher at techprep.org/codefwd – get started
2. (YOU)You watch a 4 min video and take a 4 question quiz (you can’t fail)
3.  (STUDENT + TEACHER)You show students a 5 minute video on What is Computer programming.  You all discuss and take the quiz.
4. (THEY)You give them the 30 min-1 hour block coding activity that the website gives you and tells you exactly how to do it.  They take the quiz.
Now you are able to apply for the free Spheros!  There is a limited supply, but if you can swing it, I hope you take advantage of this soon.  That is a set of 15!!  Let me know if I can help out in any way – I can come in and help facilitate, or whatever you need.  If you know of anyone else teaching 4th-8th grade that might be interested, pass it on!