Looking for some coding exploration and challenges for students?  You’re in luck!  This is Computer Science Education Week!  Check out the resources below to bring a little coding into your curriculum and have fun!

Computers are everywhere Video (5 min): changing every industry on the planet. Students can get an aha moment as they become aware of just how computer science is involved in all career paths.

Hour of Code does a fabulous job with guiding teachers and students through activities that get everyone coding!  Check out these resources to help get your students inspired!

Creative Computing with Scratch – A free introductory computing curriculum using Scratch that supports the development of personal connections to computing by drawing upon creativity, imagination, and interests.  There are 6 units to choose from.  Check out the Intro Lesson to give you a better idea.

csedweek.org has a great searching tool for a collection of coding activities broken down by grade level, language (block, javascript, python, etc…), topics, and length.

Seesaw  Has over 40 activities that have been posted by teachers to show how their students are learning about coding, learning parts of a computer, being a computational thinker, and more through Seesaw.

Give your students a taste of coding and check out a resource today!