It takes a lot of material, technology, creativity, and perseverance to pull off a claymation movie, but these 7th graders at EGMS, are making it happen!  Students in Tim Garland’s 7th-grade Technology class are creating these stop-motion animations by starting with a storyline, a simple scene made out of cardboard and construction paper, and a few characters made out of Play Doe.  To tell the story, they build the scene and begin taking 100’s of images, as they move their characters in the scene a little bit at a time.  They use a device to take the pictures, which then gets saved to Google Photos.  This collection of photos can be accessed anywhere they are signed into their Google account.  Then, with Windows Movie Maker, students will put all of their images together to create their claymation video.  What a great project that really gets kids into creating with support from Technology!