This year, Obsidian Middle School took on a new endeavor, Genius Hour.  The intent of this one hour block of time every Wednesday was to allow kids to explore their interests, and better yet, their passions.  In doing so, students would share what they learned and what projects they might have created during the process.  The results?  A multitude of intriguing passions were expressed, explored, developed, changed, mastered, as well as new interests being inquired upon.  The idea of working on whatever you are passionate about seemed a little tough for some, but once the box was open, some students seemed to show their excitement for the opportunity.  Even though not all projects were technology-based, the way they presented them to their classmates were.  From videos and pictures to presentations and websites, students used technology as a way to communicate their passion to others.

Technology-based interests were also in the mix.  Examples included learning block coding to program Spheros and Ollies, creating video games with Bloxels, using Makey Makey’s to make a musical instrument, LittleBits, and Microbits to create a new invention, creating game characters in a  3D program, creating drone videos, and making a movie of bmx tricks.

What an awesome way to spend an hour a week learning whatever you want?

genius hour