4th-grade students at Tom McCall were literally able to recreate the forming of Crater Lake with the AR Sandbox.  It was an incredible opportunity for students to enrich their understanding of geology concepts related to their upcoming trip to Crater Lake, as well as the themes of geography that sometimes have a tendency to get left on the back burner. Students used multiple online resources to ‘reconstruct’ different landforms throughout Oregon and studied how erosional processes impacted the landscape in a physical and cultural context. Using the AR Sandbox also reinforced problem-solving strategies in small groups where students worked together to create these different landforms based on specific ‘challenges’. Enriched instruction on contour lines and how to read topographic maps also came out of this experience.  Overall, it was an absolute game-changer for some students who express their understanding of concepts in more tactile and visual modalities. Thank you, Alan Vellutini, for sharing your experiences!

AR sandbox1 AR sandbox2 AR sandbox3 AR SAndbox4