It’s Ideation to Creation!  With SparkFun’s Derek Runberg leading the way, on April 4th, 40 students from EGMS and OMS collaborated and problem solved with 40 Central Oregon community members to produce technology-infused projects.  Held at Obsidian Middle School in the commons, passer by’s oohed and aahed as they wondered and questioned what was going on and how they could be involved as they saw their peers enjoy the intensity of learning a new technology tool and taking on a challenge with their team. Each team consisted of two middle school students and two adults.  Not one person participating had ever seen the inventor’s kits before.  For two hours, 80 + people were introduced on how to use the pocket-sized computer with coding and circuitry.  From this introduction, the creativity began as Derek gave them 4 options to create something using the Microbit Inventor Kit.  Options for the challenge included: a light sculpture that had one color change and reacted to one input; a pet of the future that would move or make a noise as a reaction to an input; and an alarm clock that tells you when to wake up or go to bed in an interesting way.  Though many chose the pet of the future, all projects were incredibly different, imaginative, and seemingly complicated.  But with 4 minds, great communication, and the ability to work with each other’s strengths, each team was successful in their own way.  What an awesome experience to be a part of!!  Can’t wait to do this again next year! 


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