After visiting Mr. Oneil’s CTE classes last week, I got super excited about the variety of applicable hands-on experiences students at RVHS have. From Introduction to Design, Robotics, and Aviation to Game Design, students get real-world challenges relating to computers, technology, and engineering that they must solve while working in teams, learning how to code and getting a better understanding of the complex systems involved in careers from these industries. Talking to many of my former students that are now in his classes, I found that so many have found their passion here for a future career in a CTE field. Also, knowing that the US Department of Education found that students enrolled in a CTE program have a high school graduation rate of over 90%, it’s easy to be giddy about what’s going on here! If you ever get a chance to talk to Cory Oneil and his students about what they are learning and doing, you’d be giddy, too! Bravo!

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