Looking for a quick way to measure student understanding? As little as printing off premade cards, downloading the app, and asking a question to your class, you can collect student responses in an instant with your mobile device. Check out what Ms. Aplin, first grade teacher at Lynch, has to say about Plickers:

“You pose a question that you’ve put in the App, each student holds up their card, and depending on how they hold it up, they answer A, B, C, or D. You scan the room (with an iPad or smart phone) and it’s automatically downloaded into the system and shows the results immediately!  This seriously feels like magic! I tried a couple with my class and it was accurate and… magical!  I’ve now set it up for my class and both of my power hour groups. I decided at about 8:20 before school on Thursday that I wanted to try it, and we gave it a test run in our morning meeting! Quick setup!  There was a steep learning curve at the start (how to hold them, how to pick a question, etc…), but we all picked it up quickly! I’d recommend printing them on tag or a sturdier paper then laminating- my laminated computer paper ones are a bit floppy. ”

plickersaplinclassAplin Plickers

Thanks, Kim, for sharing this cool technology tool, that is easy, interactive, and FREE!